2008 Craft Fest and Open House:  September 13, 2008

Crafts galore at the Flax Mill Open Day 2008

    Running along with the 15th Yard Fest, the Open Day will be even bigger and more interesting this time. Watch crafters working, see their beautiful products and be sure to take a valuable piece or two home with you! Besides the demonstrating craft-workers mentioned in the introduction, the following fellow-crafters have confirmed that they will put up stalls on Sept. 13th:

*Alice Mc Guinness from Templepatrick makes incredible pieces of art from melted glass.

* Louise Mc Lean from Coleraine is a basket-weaver and glass-painter. She has been twice at our Open Day with stunning stalls and beautiful pieces of craft.

*Veron Duffy is coming back. Nobody on this island can bring 5000 year old pieces of wood back to life like Veron; her bog-oak-jewellery is in a league of its own.

*Lisa Mc Cabe, soap-maker and potter from Fermanagh had a fantastic stall last year; we have already placed an order for her laundry-soap.

*Jackie Arrell, wood-turner from Magherafelt is a newcomer to Flax Mill. We saw his amazing stuff in Antrim earlier this year and knew he had to be there.

* Liam Kennedy from Strabane carves wood like nobody else; his products at the 2007 Open Day were amazing.

*Marie-Louise Gormley is the first ever felt-maker to come to Flax Mill, rumors are that alongside her stall she'll be demonstrating.

A Special Thank You Is Extended To Rolf “Humphrey” Bohrer For Sharing The Great Pictures That He Took At The 14th Flax Mill Yardfest That Took Place In 2007 And That Appear Below On This Page.

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